High-rise buildings are now required for smoke management tests under the Ontario Fire Code, Part 7. The local fire departments vigorously enforce this. This ensures the airflow throughout the building is able to control the smoke in case of a fire event. This is paramount for protecting personnel from smoke inhalation, allowing occupants to evacuate the building safely and first responders to access where they need to be.

Similar to the integrated system testing for fire, and life safety systems, we create a smoke management test plan specific to the building design related to smoke management. Not only are the functionalities of the fire alarm signalling, mechanical and electrical components, and door hardware verified, but performance is also measured, namely the differential air pressure across smoke control barriers and forces to operate manual doors. This serves as a baseline and detects any performance degradation over time.

The test plan and the final report are sealed by our Professional Engineer, who specifies the re-test schedule to account for various weather conditions. The Code requires performing this smoke management test annually at a minimum.