Ongoing Commissioning (OCx):

The commissioning process is not a one time event, but rather an ongoing activity that continues throughout the

life-cycle of a facility. We make Ongoing Commissioning Plan to continue elements of the commissioning verification process on an ongoing basis to help the improvements to persist over time. Certain steps may be repeated at regular intervals to facilitate this. At Isotherm Engineering, we specialize in Ongoing Commissioning which is a dynamic and proactive approach to ensuring your building operates at peak efficiency long after the initial recommissioning or retro-commissionnig process phases. Unlike traditional commissioning that occurs at a single point in time, Ongoing Commissioning is a continuous cycle of assessing, implementing, and reevaluating your building's systems. Our expert team uses advanced analytics and real-time monitoring to identify opportunities for energy savings, enhance operational performance, and extend the lifespan of your building's critical systems. By partnering with us, you'll experience not only immediate improvements in building efficiency and comfort but also long-term benefits in sustainability and cost savings. Let us help you keep your building at the forefront of performance and efficiency, year after year.