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Refrigeration Instruments


Water flow measurement

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Skills & Tools

Isotherm Engineering Ltd. employs many tools and skills to ensure the highest level of service is provided to our clients.  We utilize calibrated refrigeration instruments,water and air flow meters, IAQ dataloggers, boroscope cameras and equipment performance measurement tools in order to commission and troubleshoot problems within HVAC systems.  

With the use of our thermal imaging camera our certified thermographer can identify problems with equipment and the building envelope in a non-destructive manner.

Smoke visualization with smoke pens or our smoke generating machine provides us the ability to detect air leaks in building envelopes and test for proper air flow pattern within a space.

In order to determine how efficient a design is, we must model the design and compare it to a baseline. This process of energy modeling is required for a project that is applying for LEED certification.

Isotherm Engineering provides energy modeling services. Because of Isotherm Engineering’s vast experience in Design, Design-Build and Commissioning, we have a deep understanding of the building systems involved. With all our experience we are able to analyze a design and provide recommendations where the design can be improved in order to reach the target efficiency.

In order to determine potential energy savings or to verify system performance/energy savings Isotherm Engineering's CERTIFIED MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION PROFESSIONAL (CMVP) can develop a M&V plan based on the INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT and VERIFICATION PROTOCOL (IPMVP).  Applying the M&V plan Isotherm Engineering can verify that energy savings are realized by comparing measured data to historic data or to an energy model.  This information is critical in order to determine if the potential has been reached in an implemented energy conservation measure (ECM) or to determine how a building can be run more effectively thereby saving money and energy.