Seneca retains us as the LEED Commissioning Provider for Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning of this $85-million 244,082 ft2 facility under LEED New Construction certification.  We have had a continual relationship with Seneca since the successful campus expansion project at the same Newnham Campus several years ago.

Our involvement started with reviewing the Owner’s Project Requirements and the Basis of Design in the design phase.  We reviewed the contract documents and gave commissioning-related comments. We reviewed shop drawings as they were procured and performed site reviews once installation had begun.  We witnessed equipment start-up and provided performance testing with the commissioning team.  This is followed by turnover and training.  Finally, we continued working with the facility management for seasonal and warranty reviews and optimizing the building’s performance during post-occupancy.

Seneca College, Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE), Newnham Campus, LEED Commissioning Services

Client Name
: Seneca College
: New Building Commissioning
: Completed