The building is located at 243 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario. The objective of the project was to provide complete service to implement retro-commissioning work focusing on mechanical, BAS, lighting, and other energy-related equipment/systems to achieve the proposed emission reduction targets as part of the Greenhouse Gas Campus Retrofits Program (GGCRP). The project involved 3 buildings on Ryerson’s campus. The project was organized into 4 phases: 1) Feasibility, 2) Preparation of tender and pricing documents, 3) Implementation 4) Close-out & verification.

The project exceeded the minimum proposed emission reduction targets outlined in Table B.1.1.1 GGRCP emission reduction targets. The master list of findings (MLOF) encompassed all the findings from the investigation process. The MLOF categorized the findings into deficiencies, operation & maintenance, and energy conservation measures. Deficiencies and operation & maintenance items were noted in the list and as separate projects implemented and re-verified to ensure all were rectified. However, for the identified energy conservation measures (ECMs), the following information was calculated: 

Estimated annual electric savings (kWh)

Estimated annual natural gas savings (ekWh)

Estimated annual total energy savings (ekWh)

Estimated annual total energy savings (%) (Based on total building energy use ekWh)

Isotherm’s design and engineering team developed all required engineering, design, and tender documents for the client. The respective contractors were hired via the procurement department of Ryerson University. The Isotherm’s engineering and commissioning teams worked with the construction team and provided contract administration and commissioning services during and after construction. 

In the Engineering building, 163 items of deficiencies and OIMs were identified, 19 ECMs implemented, and 9% annual saving was achieved under the building energy baseline. 

Ryerson University Engineering building, Recommissioning Project, 240,232 ft²

Client Name
: Ryerson University
: Existing Building Commissioning
: Completed