81 Bay project was a 49-storey commercial (office and retail) project in the heart of downtown Toronto with a 1.5m sq. ft. of state-of-the-art office, collaborative and retail space. Ivanhoé Cambridge and Hines joined forces and created a remarkable collaboration, resulting in the architectural marvel of CIBC SQUARE (81 Bay). Isotherm provided LEED 2009 fundamental and enhanced commissioning services. 

As part of our LEED commissioning services, we provided a range of essential deliverables. These included comprehensive Owners Project Requirement (OPR), Basis of Design (BoD) review, design reviews, and commissioning plans and specifications outlining each system's processes, schedules, and responsibilities. We generated detailed reports documenting each system's performance verification findings, testing procedures, and outcomes. In addition, we created checklists and documentation to facilitate ongoing maintenance and operational efficiency, which is crucial for long-term sustainability.

Through our LEED commissioning services, the CIBC Square 81 Bay building achieved remarkable sustainability, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort outcomes. By meticulously verifying and fine-tuning the building systems, we achieved substantial energy savings, significantly reducing the building's carbon footprint. The implementation of optimized HVAC systems and lighting controls led to improved indoor environmental quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy workspace for occupants. Our efforts were recognized with LEED certification, underscoring the project's commitment to sustainable practices.

The success of our LEED commissioning services is reflected in the project’s outcomes and the positive feedback received from stakeholders. Quotes endorsing my expertise, professionalism.

CIBC Square, 81 Bay St., LEED Commissionnig Services

Client Name
: Ivanhoé Cambridge and Hines
: New Building Commissioning
: Completed